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Andrew Mc Kinnon

Over the last 100 years there was a massive population growth especially in developing nations not developed nations other than in china because they have a one child per familythere was an increase in urbanization and industrializationThe globe has a carrying capacity the planet can only accept so many people living on itWe should only have 16 children per family back in those days it was the norm for families to have 810 childrenenvironmentalism interaction between society and the natural environmentecology first developed in Germany The Natzis were great environmentalistswe need the environment to live unlike other species we have the capacity to develop culture and culture can have a dramatic impact on the environment sociologists have become interested in the environment because problems like pollution have gotten a lot of publicity in the last few years people put their raw sewage and dumped it into the Tems river and they drank that water and they got cholera and got sick from drinking the waterthmost of our national parks were created in the 19 century due to environmentalism Yellowstone national park in America was the very first national park the first big environmental cleanups happened 100s of years ago when people started running sewers theyre underground flush the toilets and it goes into the pipes and into the sewer system and its treated so that it becomes decomposed and then you can make various of uses for it but before this system many people died from this kind of pollutionmodern pollution environment is based on pesticides and fertilizers and CO2 now seen as a pollutant which makes no sense because if theyres no CO2 then there is no plant life global warming acid rain clean air acts implemented in Canada with acid rain SO2 produced by coal plants was said to create acid in combination with rain and destroys forests All these problems were created by humans environmental sociology deals with the interplay with the environmental movement and the impact of natural movement on human behaviourGreenpeace they would sometimes harass Japanese Oiling ships these kill certain number of whales in oceansCirrea clubanother environmental movement groupenvironmentalism is global globalization has emerged out of the environmental movement they say despite political differences amongst the world the world is united as a single ecosystem this was also developed by Germansromantic movement period painted industrialization and they painted open fields with blue skies and the simple rural life and it didnt like the industrial urban lifewe consume plastic bags and consumer products and these are frowned upon because these batteries used in products end up in landfillsecosystem means totality a wholethe whole globe Environmental movement has global ambitions so CO2 levels increased in one part of the world would affect the whole world so you have to establish international standards to control this CO2 limits impose limits in the developing world countries so India etc are against global regulations because it would reduce their economic growtheco means house reminds us that this world is our home and everything in this world is interrelatedBecause of Mcdonalds and world love for itthis creates a demand for beef so there are big ranching companies in Alberta Latin America Ranching means cattle or beef Costa rica and Brazil are the big ranching companies in Latin America cattle needs range grasslandhow do you get grassland you clear forests however tropical forests are critical in maintaining earths atmosphere plants absorb CO2 and create O2 so the love of hamburgers in NA has global consequences because the globe is an ecosystem this is the idea of interdependence and interrelatednessTechnology and Environmenttechnological improvement human beings have started as huntergathers very small bands with no larger than 20 people and they had no impact on the environment they are not farmers they just pick berries and hunt meatsociety at the intermediate stage is just above the huntergatherer called Horticultural societies and pastoralism and agriculturalHorticultural societies smallscale farming so farming begins to have an impact on the environment farming began in the middle east you cant have towns without farming because the farms provide towns with food since they dont So farming is a precondition for urbanizationalso during intermediate stage you have pastoralism taming animals oxen and horses and dogs and cats are domesticated we also have in the intermediate societies agricultural societies which use animal drawn plows a myth the traditional people and aboriginal lived in harmony with the environment this is just a mythRuso called the nobel savage where the modern people have become to disrespect the environment and use it for the benefitsBut this is a JUST myth traditional people didnt necessarily live in harmony with the environment they just didnt have the technology to exploit the environment like we dothe movie Dancing with the wolves traditional Indians drove 100s of buffalo off the cliff and killed them and didnt even need it for food so traditional ppl werent necessarily good to the environmentSlash and burnclear forests so they can farm it They would exhaust fieldsField rotation would allow field to stand hallow leave it alone for a year or two to rejuvenate the land to be used againThe next stage of development industrial revolution science and technology change all thismuscle powered vehicles use engines and engines use fossil fuels its called drilling drilling is the ultimate sin for the environmentalistsdrilling for oilurbanization happens during the industrialization Environmentalists however like small rural settlements dams used for hydroelectric power and fumesdischarge from fossil fuels once it is used in enginesfossil fuels include coal natural gas and petroleumgarbage is solid and liquid waste are createdpeople consume 100x the amount of goods compared to agrarian societies this is something negative why because we have become a throwaway society this kind of society is for consumers we buy it and throw it after using itsociologists call this conspicuous consumption you consume conspicuously so that other people can see it so we also engage in conspicuous waste producing a lot of garbage Only the benefits of advanced technology was seen and none of the defects were seen and what the modern environment was doing is try and draw attention to the garbage we produce
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