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Crime Against Property and People -- (March 31/2011 Lecture)

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Malcolm Mac Kinnon

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Crime against Property and people
Crime has been falling over the last 10 years
Since 1962, it has been increasing by almost 500% in 30 years
Property crimes involve the theft of property (stealing cars, break-ins, etc.)
Personal crimes:
oViolence—crime against women
90% of sexual crimes are not reported
Jane-Do Rule: if a woman takes a case of violence to court, her identity
is concealeddoes not remove barrier
60% dont report physical violence
64% dont report robberies
oPeople dont have trust in the system, thats why they dont report these cases
oSexual assaultrape, molestation, etc.
oDefending yourself:
David Chen: convenience store owner and someone robbed him, he
held the person who was stealing while the police was being called
David Chen was charged with unlawful holding of the thief
Case was dismissed
The laws have been changed for self-defence making it easier for
people to defend themselves and their properties
Aggravated assault: includes murder, man slaughter, criminal
negligence (DUI), etc.
Vehicular homicide\
Theories of Crime and Deviance
oBiological Theory: not widely used today except in one incidence
sociopathic personality
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Genetic link has been find
Associated with serial murders/rapists, people who get their
kicks (sadism) from hurting other people
A sociopath is egocentricincredibly self-centered
They cannot empathize (putting yourself in someone elses
Inflicting pain on someone else
Lombroso: widely accepted in 1911year of his book: Crime, Its
Causes and Remedies
Criminal behaviour is inborn (bad seed)
Atavistic type:
oRepresents earlier stage of human behaviour
oThe distinction between humans and animals
oHumans have morality
oAtavistic are not fully evolved morallydegenerates
oCriminals arent morally insane
oLack genetic material required for moral sanity
oI have proof of my hypothesiscriminals carry
stigmata (to stigmatize)
Refers to physical traits that criminals possess
Shifty eyes/receding hairlines/red hair, etc.
Lombrosos work was declined because he did not prove it
empirically by taking match samples (random selections of
criminals and non-criminals)
Charles Gory disproved Lombrosos theory
Sheldon: Varieties of Physicality
Endomorph: someone who is short, round, stout, nonathletic
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