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Malcolm Mac Kinnon

Lecture 6 and 7Politics o Polityrules o Politicspower: decides what the society is going to do (max weber). Power is coercive. o Coercion: force Governmentpolitical life of the society Sociologists are concerned with those using this power and authority Civil societyprivate spheres of life (democracy) o Weber on power: power is legitimized which gives the authority to the government to do anything it wants. set up to control the distribution of resources, who gets what, when and how o When a majority of people agree on who is to be give the right to power, it becomes an authority. o Institutionalization of power built into the society most societies try to legitimize the power Egyptpower lacks legitimacy Canadaconservativesplurality45% of the votes. rule of succession: the way in which someone takes over power from someone else. Power= toxic o Silvio Berlusconihad sex with a 17 yr old girl (Italian prime minister) o Electiontransfers power from one regime to another o If there are no rules of succession then there would be problems with legitimacy o WEBERHow is power transformed into authority ? 1. traditional authoritytribal, feudal, inherited authority through family or monarchy monstrous regiment of womenqueen Elizabeth -respect for long standing customs. People consider social arrangements to be sacred the golden chainmonarchy--transferred from generation to generation monarchy: traditional, today just institutional monarchy is left which has no power. In the past though, the king was treated as gods representative on earth (the divine right of kings). The church argued against this, thus it was given the ceremony of introducing the new king.
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