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SOCA02H3 Lecture Notes - Labeling Theory, Victimless Crime, Ponzi Scheme

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Malcolm Mac Kinnon

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Canadian national surveys reveal crime has bean among top 3
issues since the 1970’s
Victimless Crime - ex. Drugs, prostitution, gambling
Someone wants to buy ex. Drugs, and someone wants to
buy drugs
* Law & order people say that there are no such things
as victimless crimes
White Collar Crime - committed disproportionately by
people from middle and upper classes
Edwin Sutherland - Looked at white collar crime
-Illegal acts committed by a person of respectability and
high/middle class/status in the course of his or her
-Includes: embezzlement, false advertising, tax evasion,
inside stock trading, fraud, unfair labour practices,
copyright infringement, unsafe working conditions,
selling unsafe products, conspiracy to fix prices.
Street Crime(Uneducated Crimes) - Committed
disproportionately by people from lower classes.
-Includes arson, B&E, robbery and assault
Copyright Infringement - stealing intellectual property
Ex. CD’s, DVD’s (Pirating)
Price Fixing - ex. Ford “selling” cars at a certain price, but the
market has to decide the price of things.
Insider Trading -Make use of insider knowledge to profit
stock market

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Berney Madoff - Stole around $50 billion from mutual funds
Ponzi Scheme (Pyramid Scheme) - ex. You invest in
someone’s fund and then he pays you the 10% interest a year
with the new money he gets from the system. So you give him
the money, and he uses it to pay other people’s interest.
*He takes your money and pays off other people’s interest.
Organized Crime - Typically has association with specific
ethnic groups.
Chain of Command - When you issue commands at the top,
they go down the chain to the bottom.
-All bureaucracies have these.
Specialties in Organizes Crimes:
-Debt collection (you can use a bat)
- Hit men (people who specialize in killing)
-Money Launderers
Omerta (silence)- you don’t say anything under any circumstances.
If you don’t, you’re dead
Mule - Someone who will carry cocaine personally (sometimes
in a suitcase with a false bottom)
Who are the clients of organized crime?
-Respectable citizens (you & I)
-We keep organized crime in business. It supplies us with illegal
goods and services which are in high demand
-Organized crimes connect to the legitimate world through
Wrath and Corruption.
Pavlov Eskavov - Corruption by wrath and corruption.
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