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Malcolm Mac Kinnon

SOCIOLOGY BECAME INTERESTED IN THE ENVIRONMENT because problems like pollution got a lot of publicity in the last few years. MODERN ENVIRONMENTAL MOVEMENT - pre occupied with pesticides. (Getting rid of insects/fertilize they use chemicals in industrial processes) POLLUTION, GLOBAL WARMING, ACID RAIN... all let to sociologists' interest in these issues. (Impact of human on nature) Movement is made up of RING PIECEE MEMBERS? (Sometimes harassed some Japanese ship sailors/whales) Cerra club? ENVIRONMENTALISM IS GLOBAL World is a single ecosystem (developed by German scholars in the 19th century) THEYRE CALLED "ROMANTICS" - Romantic Movement hated industrialization, and loved Greenfields liked rural life and not the urban industrial life. Global warming, wants to introduce global standards. Wanted to establish legal binding agreements on C02 COSTA RICA AND BRAZIL - big ranching industries?? TECHNOLOGY AND ENVIRONMENT TECHNOLOGICAL EVOLUTION - how it's evolved over time? Societies, at an intermediate stage of development, just about the hunter gather stage; a bit more technology comes in. (HORTICULTURAL SOCIETY) - Small scale farming - it begins to have an impact on the environment. PASTORALISM - taming animals. Oxen and horses and dogs, cats etc. (domesticated) GRUSE (FRENCH MAN) called noble savage - lived in harmonious state of environment, where we modernists have raped the environment. FIELD ROTATION - allow a field to fallow so it could recover, they would exhaust these plants etc. engines burn fossil fuel [environmentalists have a hate for fossil fuel.] -DRILLING THE ULTIMATE SIN FOR THE ENVIRONMENT -dams use hydro electric power, the fumes the discharge from fossil fuels, once used in engine (coal, natural gas, and petroleum) PEOPLE IN INDUSTRIAL SOCIETIES LIKE OURS consume 100 times the goods people in AGRARIAN SOCIETIES (Jobs are produces by economic growth.) ENVIRONMENTAL DEFICIT (LONG TERM NEGATIVE CONSEQUENCES) - our preoccupation with material they point the downside of AFLUID? Some of the word environmental disasters are committed by nature (not human) hurricanes, volcanoes, earth quakes. Mount st.helens - A VOLCANOE IN Washington state. DONELLA MEDOWS - millions of gallons of oil entered the ocean. There was a cleanup and the area did recover.
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