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Lecture 2

SOCA02 - Week 2 Notes

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Malcolm Mac Kinnon

Difference between women & men. - occuptations where women and men work but women earn more. Ex: prostitutes - Oscar Wilde. . . Equity Model: Outcomes (what you get) should be relative to your inputs. Higher education, higher outcome/career. O a a O b bhere a and b are an individual person or group of people. What are male & female inputs - Females dress up to look good - Males earn high salaries - In highschool, the good-looking kids dated each other because inputs were the same. - Friendship inputs: quite a lot of times people lose their jobs, they lose their friends. They can’t afford to spend time and no $$ to host. Sexualization of females and males as well. African photo -> culture where males dress up and dance for women. Where males become the sexual object. Mark Snyder: Looking at stereotypes, whether we bring out the reality in them. Experiment where teachers branded a group of students as smart and another group as dumb. Those students branded with their category did well in the smart group and did not as well in the dumb group. Result: it is true that you do better in studies when the teacher bel
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