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Crime and Deviance 1 of 2

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Malcolm Mac Kinnon

Social Forces Theories of crime started out from biology. Sociopathy- the predominant trait of sociopathy is that people are unable to empathize with each other. o The inability to empathize is also related to the inability to feel guilt. Sezarea Lembrozzo was the first criminologist . o Criminal Justice System. Crime, Its Causes and Remedies, 1911 Lombrozzo was convinced that criminal behavior is inborn (biological) o Lombrozzo describes the criminal as an ATAVISTIC (atavism) type Comes from evolutionary theory What most distinguishes us from the animal world is that we (most humans) have a moral sense (sense of what is right and wrong) and we build a morale castle, religion and law is based on that. Political ideaology is based on that. Some humans are not fully evolved when it comes to morality. They are lacking when it comes to morality. Criminals are like the way humans used to be before we fully evolved, to become full homosapians. Atavistic they belong in another point of time (said Lombrozzo) o They are pre-human in a morale sense. Meaning, before humans fully evolved. Lombrozzo called criminals degenerous. Degenerousy implies a biologicalmorale defect. o He also used terms like morale insanity. Some things are moraly insane. o Lombrozzo thought he had proof of his theory.
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