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Malcolm Mac Kinnon

SOCA02- Lecture 4 - Trend is for democracy to take more and more of the freedom away - State begins to feel that they can tell people how to lead their lives (ex. wear safety helmets when ridinthmotor cycle, why?—because the state has to pay if they get injured) - Beginning of 20 century there wasn’t even an income tax - Legitimacy= Weber said that power can become legitimized and when it does it becomes authority - Government gets what it want by threatening people, especially in non-democracy’s - Power to coerce= seen as justified in society. Need legitimacy to survive - In democracy people accept the government and that is legitimacy - It is difficult for any large complex society to operate successfully without any legitimacy. Some kind of consensus, etc. - Societies don’t always get legitimacy - Canada, gov cannot use power and coercion when declaring a state emergency - Authority is inherited, by family or clan, or it can derive from religion - Totalitarianism= Soviet union= people cannot resist o Soviet union collapsed…one of the reasons is because of lack of legitimacy - The monarchy (rule mostly of kings) in middle ages- kings and queens came up with doctrine to legitimize and called it the divine right of kings—we are in charge because God selected us to be in charge, so can’t go against that - As the division of labour increases it fragments people because your occupation has great impact on how you think - Before the selection of a governor general in Canada is finalized it needs a seal of approval from Queen (she approves the choice)—she always agrees, never says no= it is tradition - Traditional authorities prevails in other parts of life (ex. authority of parents over children) - Power in modern society is legitimized by rational legal arguments - Law is rational that is why we legitimize it o Ex. law doesn’t apply equally to everyone (atleast in principal). Depends on where you were born—if born in upper crust then you got special treatment o Peers (equals) can only be tried by other peers—not by other commoners - Legal- rational authority= people stand equal within the law. Doesn’t matter who you are, if you break the law you must suffer the consequences - Superiors tell people below them what to do in - Traditional authority= if you were born in aristocrat you were born to rule - Natural rank is tradition. We don’t have natural rank in bureaucracy o Superiority and inferiority depends on how well you do the job, what skills you have etc. - Dull-continuity= little social change in social societies. o Routine, boring - Utilitarian= they are there to achieve goals - Bureaucratic goals are…….?= they are there to accomplish something - Bureaucracy engages in specialization. Not everyone has same skills. Sometimes hundreds of specializations. You have to pick one specialization. Sometimes people decide to remain generalists. o Generalist is someone who can do a bit of everything o In japan they train people to be generalists. They don’t believe in specializations. They argument is that when people are taught to be generalists then they understand the company as a whole - Bureaucratic= formal organization run by formal legal authority o Specialization, applies to all o utilitarian - Authority is restricted to enterprises= organization specific authority - Many revolutions that have taken place across history there has been a charismatic person= exceptional qualities, they stand out - Charismatic authority= volatile= explosive= arouse people to do things they wouldn’t normally do o It can be revolutionary, can turn the world upside-down - Codified rule= rule that is written down - We have rational and legal authority in the modern world - In our world you get appointed to an office and bureaucracy through training - Species magnetism= The charismatic person draws people and lead them to a revolution that makes them follow him for a long time - You don’t have to be nice to be charismatic. - Hinduism is oldest world religion (several thousand years beyond Christianity) - Judas betrayed Jesus= Judas is someone who is disloyal, and who will stab you in the back - The Chosen one= chose by ultimate power o Also known as ―Messiah‖ o Purpose is to
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