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Lecture - March 1 / 3

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Malcolm Mac Kinnon

POLITICS Canada, on a global stage, is as pluralistic as you can get Power Elite Model (Karl Marx) Bourgeoisie elite class that tends to be a small number and owns and controls the means of production Bourgeoisie dominates workers (the proletariat) o Therefore called elites o They develop a political agenda that favours to their interests Democracy, in 1850s, was different o We have work safety rules now The bourgeoisie is less dominating now Military, business people and government were elites in the US in 1960s (the era of cold war) o Gave lots of power to the military America spends a lot of money on battle groups Military people in Canada have no power War lords Military people called in the US Elite theory in terms of money people who make more money, contribute more money to the political parties o If you have money, you gave more political influence Political apathy and Sinicism increase as income decreases (inverse relationship) o If youre apathetic politically, youre less likely to vote Elites are not ruthless just similar people sharing similar economic interests Domhoff elite theorist (Who rules America)
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