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Mc Kinon

RELIGIONS North American Classification of Religions North American scholars werent satisfied with European classification of system Some religions are churches o Church is bureaucratic Strict hierarchy pope and everything else under that o Bureaucracies have regulations that need to be followed Churches were found in Europe Sects breakaway European groups o Broke away from churches o Generally have fewer members, less bureaucratic o Quakers are not bureaucratic at all Dont need to be a minister or priest anyone can be a Quaker NA scholars found the classification system unsatisfactory for NA North America was born in religious freedom o People who came here were looking for religious freedom o There were approximately 3000 religious groups (some cults, some closed cults, some open cults, and some sects) o There was a strict separation of states Ecclesia state supported churches o In Sudan o Tolerance is limited o Denomination various streams of beliefs and practice that some churches allow to coexist under their overarching authority o Similar to church o Apostasy someone who preaches false doctrine Protestant particular in England o Anglicanism rule the state for about a 100 years till 1688, Theocratic ecclesia o Iran is the best example because large number of religious people also ruled Christianity has never developed theocratic system because it did not have the power to carry it out o Reason: law Civil law in Rome and Europe Canon law controlled business in medieval period Ecclesia England had common laws o Common law the law of the common people This resisted the canon law Jealous of people who operated under canon Civil law Rome Canon law Ancient England Sharia law Islam Lawyers go back 1000 years. Common lawyers were always hostile to religious forms of law. Ancient Egypt, Mesopotamian and Middle East operated on the basis of bureaucracy where the emperorking was also God Denomination older or well-established form of government that existed in ..? Anglicanism came close to ecclesia about 100 years ago because common lawyers pushed back Denomination example:
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