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Lecture - March 29 / 31

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Mc Kinon

CRIME AND DEVIANCE Labeling theory has been influential o No theory of crime has lead to be accepted by majority of sociologists Sociology makes crime terms on socio work Individual factors like choice get into this which dont lend themselves to research Theories of crime started off from biology o Look at the physical foundation of criminality o criminality is inherited Sociopathy the predominant trait is that people are unable to empathize with others o Empathy is the ability to read other peoples intentions and include sympathy Sociopaths lack the ability to empathize o They are psychopaths We still have some bio theories today Cesare Lombroso the first criminologist o Lombroso was regarded in his day as authority of crime o His ideas were accepted o Book: Crime Causes Remedies (1911) Crime shows are popular in public (movies dealing with mob) Lombroso was a convinced criminal behavior was inborn-biological in origin Describes criminal as an atavistic type this come from evolution theory We distinguish from other animals; all humans have a highly developed moral sense a sense of what is right and wrong and we build these mortal castles around this, religion, law, political ideology based on this Lombroso said some humans are not fully evolved when it comes to mortality, they
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