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Lecture 2

Week 2 notes

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Malcolm Mac Kinnon

Week 2 Notes Historical Manipulations----monder was a scientist and he observed sun spots During the monder minimum temp were really cold, there was wide spread family in euro People were weak because of hunger and plag was a commen accurense During the industrial revolution the co2 started to go up , Scientist said that during global warming when co2 is going up temp should go up however in reality when the co2 levels are going up the weather was coming down 1999-present discovered a discress in the sunspots Methods Field methods ---to go out into the field to do you experiments Pyschology and scio and med uses this method Survey ---pioneered by scioused in political places Must considered different variables when using surveys Interval data---number represents actual reality one to one correspondent by the number and the one ur measuring Ex. Writing down the exacta specific data Ordinal data---relationship between number and what you are measuring is arbitrary Ex. Beauty in pop culture---is b
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