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Lecture 4

week 4 notes

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Malcolm Mac Kinnon

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Changes in traditional tec wipe out a lot of people
In an industrial world supply of money increases
When money increase in the economy so does the markets
Commodities and services and bought and sold
In kind exchanges money wasnt used (bartering)
Relationship between worker and employer changes in industrial world
---becomes more hostile
No form of work organization that arries in the industrial workplace is
more volatile
Discretion ( control over your work) is lost because efficiencies didnt
exist during traditional times
Industrial evolution aries employers depend on efficiencies and workers
lose control of work
Great deal of work becomes insecure
There is narrowing in the division of labor
Jobs are deskilled ---because you are making it more efficient to increase
Increase wealth has an outcome……because jobs are narrowed to the
point that they become boring
Skilled work is transformed into unskilled work
Trade union began in the most complicit riding industries---coal mining
Institutionalized is when your part of society
Capitalism and the attraction of work
Thesis intro by gravermin=----loss of craftsmanship
We reach our full potential through workwork labor
If you challenge urself u get grow and progress
Specialist are people who are more narrowly trained
Marcs argues that there should be a relationship between the worker and
Job discretion ---you decided how much work is got to be done---job
Fredric winsal tailor---observed workers and broke down components of
jobs into tny pieces and observed workers
What tylor realized from productivity is when his methods were used
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