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Enivor Notes

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Malcolm Mac Kinnon

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Hunmans contributuions to enivormental problems ex acid rain
Global warming ---problem created by humans …pump to much CO2 into the
World is a single eco system--- systems of imposed of all living organism in
their natural enivorments
Eco-means house the world is our home
Technology in the enivormenthunters gatherers this is a stone age tech
doesnt demage the enivorments…even when we get to the intermediate
stage of development then
Hoticultural ---small group of cultural
Pastoral---demestacation of animals
Agrarian---people start to break up land and grown vegatables and fruits
Animal and human musle power is replaced by machines
They cause more distruction to the enirvorment.pollutuionoil leaks
Advanced tech create massiv amounts of garbage
Throwaway society are societies that create a lot of garbage
Traditional mythwere traditional people caring
third worldiness---innocent people , childlike …people that wont ever do
anything rude
Pascal Brucrner tears of a white man compassiant and content
State of the enivorement---reflects the choises people make some is
Mounth saind calim---1980top third of volcanic expolisandistoryed
everything around it
Exxon Valdez—huge oil spill in California
Limits of Growth---hard to stop keeps things going
Future wealth will be larger then todays wealth
Science will make our lifes more rewarding
Capitalism encourage people to consume moremore consumption = more
Logic of Growth---optimistic view of the world –believe in faith reason
Logic of growth argument –ex if the world becomes more populated then we
will find ways of making more food
Green revolution---breakthrough in fertilizers and farming tecqi genetic
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