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Compass Chapter 7: Deviance & Crime

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Malcolm Mac Kinnon

Chapter 7: Deviance & Crime March 22, 2011 March 29, 2011 First order problems (need to be taken care of right away): publichealth services, malnutrition, tuition fees Second order problems Green Ceiling society accumulates enough wealth to deal with environmental problems o Continues to fall across world Unleaded gasoline ex. China & India 16 thousand per head in China & US god rid of unleaded gasoline when it reached 3000 Globalization o Property rights o Markets rule of law o Free Markets o disuto (person) in Latin America give people property rights & encourage govts & people gain titles of land o a billion of people still live in absolute poverty less than $1 a day Criminology comes out of sociology Canadians believe violent crime is on the rise audience tends to favour criminal tv dramas 1. Types of Crime a. Distinguishing crime from deviance i. Deviance is any behaviour which violates cultural norms which some norms have no criminal sanctions attached to it ii. Friendship norms - non-criminal deviance iii. Deviance is also violating a norm (law) that gets you into jail = criminal deviance violating the law b. Juvenile delinquency i. Treated differently under criminal code & must be treated carefully ii. Make the individual a repeat offender iii. Labelling = when you charge someone with crime, that person is said to be labelled stigma iv. Most juvenile offenders are male v. Offenses range from break & enter (B & E), drug offenses, stealing cars (=grand theft auto ), shoplifting (mostly female) (some wealthy people feel the compulsion to steal) c. Victimless crimes i. Drugs = victimless crime ii. Laudum mixture of alcohol & opium iii. = consensual crime = both parties to the crime agree on the crime & there is no victim & there is a buyer & a seller 1. Vagrancy = no visible means of support ex. street people 2. Prostitution red light districts ex. in the Netherlands iv. How to catch people in victimless crime? 1. Entrapment = a female police officer dress up like a hooker & will be wired a John (=a customer), everything is recorded & heard by the police & once money is handed to the officer the police team will come out & arrest the John a. Doing tricks activity associated with prostitutiondrugs
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