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Malcolm Mac Kinnon

Lecture 3 Sociology To achieve globalization, technological improvement is vital. Of the 100 largest economies in the world. 51 are corporations, 49 are countries. th Wal-Mart is the worlds 12 largest corporation. It has larger annual revenues tha the GNPs of Israel, Greece and Poland. The top 200 corporations combined sales are bigger than the combined GNPs of 182 countries. The poorest 80% of the worlds population account for $3.9 trillion in economic activity compared to $7.1 trillion for the worlds 200 top corporations. Communications technology Human runners (by the Greeks to deliver messages) > Pony Express in the United States (1700s) > Telegraph (1830s) used wires and wires carried a signal. Movement of information is decoupled from the movement of people. th > Radio: sends messages without a wire. (end of 19 century) intercontinental is still restricted. So they laid cables across the Atlantic. Voice was then carried by wire (Alexander Graham Bell 1876) Nicola Tesla 1884, worked with Thomas Edison. Tesla developed electrical transmission power. Marconi got credit of Teslas inventions, but then the injustice was reversed. Transmission towers. > Cable comes off transmission tower then goes into the home. >satellite transmission. >now heading in the direction of global communications. Karl Marx 1860s predicted that fewer and fewer businesses would dominate markets. Companies would grow larger and larger with time. When corporations buy each other out that is called corporate consolidation. Corporations should pay tax because they are wealthy vs. Capital investment creates jobs. Jobs create wealth. Nations compete to attract capital.
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