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Lecture 6

second half of soc notes, week 6 lecture notes

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Malcolm Mac Kinnon

SOCA02H3 Week 6 Politics POLITY: THE INSTITUTIONALIZED SYSTEM BY WHICH SOCIETY DISTRIBUTES POWER, SETS THE AGENDA FOR SOCIETY, AND HENCE MAKES DECISIONS IN THAT REGARD. POWER: THE ABILITY TO ACHIEVE DESIRED GOALS DESPITE RESISTANCE. (Marx) GOVERNMENT: A FORMAL ORGANIZATION THAT DIRECTS THE POLITICAL LIFE OF SOCIETY. AUTHORITY: POWER WHICH PEOPLE ACCEPT, SEE AS JUSTIFIED, RATHER THAN COERCED. political sociology mainly concerned with institutions that specialize in exercise of power and authority the state: comprises institutions that formulate and carry out countrys laws and public policies in performing these functions, the state regulates citizens in civil society, or private sphere of social life legitimacy, power can become legitimized when it does it is called authority politics is machine that determines who gets what, when, and how (Lasswell, 1936) power, the ability to control others, even against their will - fuels the machine use of power sometimes involves force when most people basically agree with how political machine is run, raw power becomes authority, which is legitimate, institutionalized power power is legitimate when people regard its use as morally correct or justified power is institutionalized when norms and statuses of social organizations govern its
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