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Notes on Education Lecture

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Malcolm Mac Kinnon

Education Secularization: religious institutions used to control education. Religion monopolized education. Education is critical secondary education of socialization Mass-education: relatively wealthy countries. Education: 300 years ago, most were literate 100 years ago: majority never attended school 1950: 10% of the worlds countries had system of compulsory mass education Does education lead to equality or inequality? Watson and prick (DNA guys) decoded DNA, (double helix name of book) took place in universities and led to the creation of genetic companies. The economy also influences education. See slide 6 Functionalism approach to education-see slide 7 Education is competitive The functional approach St simon Conflict Perspectives: stress economic behaviours prevent people from getting an education. Many jobs require academic credentials. They say people who dont have cultural capital are placed at a disadvantage. The conflict people argue that they are unfair because it promotes inequality. This comes from Karl Marx and neo-Marxist. Education because of unequal preparation=unequal access (social inequality) See Slide 9 Education attainment: number of years of schooling Education is function(makes a contribution to social survival, stability etc)
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