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Lecture 7 and 8Religion o Durkheim, Marx, Weberwerent concerned whether religions are true or false, they were just interested in the type of social force they had. The impact of religion in social change and organization. o Weber related religion to capitalism o W.I Thomas Thomas Theoremwhat people define to be true is true in its consequences. Beliefs enable people to think that social forces exist, regardless whether the religion is true or not. o Cheddar cheesecult: the moon is made up of cheese, and it gives an ever lasting life. o Leon Festingerwhen prophecy fails it creates those who doubt like atheists, agnostics (who arent sure about god). Deist, pantheistsenvironmentalism o William GoldingThe Gala Hypothesis o Discomformists rationalize a way (like modern environmentalists) o Ultimate questions about religionsupernatural judgementstrue or divinely inspired o Science is concerned with empirical thingsscientific knowledge o Religiosityregular attendance of a place of worship. There can be many reasons to do this: 1. Business reasons 2. family pressure 3. depth of religious commitmentmulti-dimensional. Can be measured in a variety of ways strength of belief, knowledge o Secularization pattern of social changedecrease in supernatural and religious belief. o Ultimate questions cant be answered by science o Atheismdisbelief in the existence of god or deities o Agnosticsfence sitters, on both sides. o Deistsbelieve that god has made the world and then left it. o Pantheiststhey are like the environmentalists. They worship natureWilliam Golding the world is a living creatureNavi. Related to mysticism o Secularizationhow it took place:
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