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Lecture 2

SOCB05H3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Pearson Product-Moment Correlation Coefficient, Longitudinal Study, Exogeny

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Katherine( Katy) De Celles

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Lecture 2; Chapter 4
Beginning of research
Social research is considered to have 2 orientation
1. Applied
Solve particular problems/look at specific aspects of the social world
Sponsored by agencies and large corporations, implemented by the government
Use outside of academia; lawyers, social work and so on
2. Basic
Does not have a practical purpose
Not to solve shit, just to look at it
Three main purposes of research
1. Exploration
To become more familiar of a research topic of field
Problems that are yet to be defined
It is a very new topic, cannot draw an easy conclusion to it
Help satisfy research curiosity
Testing feasibility for extensive research
Help with future research
Challenging, because few guidelines to follow, and research might change as you
progress in research
2. Description
Answers the five W and how
No analysis or explanation
Government sponsored research; census population
Studies Crime, ethnic, etc…
Stats can either be concrete (age, gender, population) or abstract (level of inequality,
Cannot describe the cause of the relationship
Represents a descriptive detail of behaviour or situation
Requires a focus research question
Blurs with or follows from explorative research
Focuses on how and who
Is ness. For explanative research
3. Explanation
Casual and explanation, answers to why certain events happen
Exp, how gender is related to income
Goes, above and beyond descriptive research
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