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SOCB26H3 Lecture Notes - Structured Prediction, Health Promotion, Social Forces

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Julian Tanner

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-Canada is now a “schooled societyformal education has moved to the centre stage of social life
-education is a relatively young social institution and modern nations rely on the education system to
rationalize and justify the social order
-education attainment is becoming a stronger predictor of people’s income and employment success
-Schooling has become the major route for “social mobility”schooling is used as a lever of upward
mobility and social justice
-schooling has long touted as a “great equalizer”providing opportunities to the disadvantages
-Canadians worry that schools will be unable to play this equalizing role
-Canadian schools are now the institution that embodies core values of equity, progress and technical
sophistication, values and associated practices that are intrinsic to modern society
-education not only shapes our future biographies and life courses it also shapes the organization of
-Education’s reach is: personal, public, individual, societal
-Schooling plays a role in nation building & citizenship
-It classifies and regulates who works where, both creating and rationing access to specialized roles
-Schools are now heavily connected to labour markets
-Governments and corporations increasingly turn to universities to generate innovative research to fuel
wealth creation
-de-differentiationboundaries between institutions have blurred
-many social problems are seen to have educational solutions. Ex. Drug use, racism, health promotion
-ties between schools and religion are weaker than before
-formal and structured learning is now ubiquitous
Thinking Sociologically about Schooling
The Art of Applying Science to Study Society
-many types of sociology have some affinity with the natural science
-many sociologist believe that too closely mimicking the natural sciences to study that social world can
be wrongheaded because human society differs from the rest of nature in fundamental ways
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