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Week 8 Lecture Note

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Julian Tanner

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March 1, 2011
Prof. J Tanner
Education inequality among students
Has equality of opportunity been
achieved in schools?
Does social background matter for
educational success?
Considerable and consistent evidence
that educational attainment is linked
to parental social class
Gender also affects the equality of
oppor tunity
Over past 50 years huge increase in
educational attainment regardless of
social class
Huge increase in post-secondary
Class and educational equality
If parents are university grads, their
children have higher chance of going
to university
If parents are not university grads,
their children is less likely to attend
The more education the women has,
it increases the chance of her
offspring to attend post-secondary
Everybody has an equal opportunity
of having an educational success
Social background is still tied to
education attainment
Educational attainment is not singly
described by IQ scores
Success in school depends on other
qualities and habits as well
Kids who come from high status
backgrounds do better in school even
when their IQ scores are the same as
those middle-class/lower class kids
Probability of getting post-secondary
education also depends on the family
income of parents
Some universities dont need students
to pay for tuition fees
Working class kids tend to under-
perform compared to higher class
Teachers reward middle-class and
upper-class students who know more
than just the cur riculum
Hidden advantages of class middle
class parents are more comfortable
with school than working class ones
Working class students do less well
in school because they are opposed
to education
Students from higher status do better
in school regardless of costs of
Middle-class parents are able to
confer to middle class children
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