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Lecture 11

SOCB26H3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 11: Visible Minority, C. W. Jefferys Collegiate Institute, Black Kids

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Julian Tanner

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SOCB26- April, 3, 2012
Things we would’ve taken for granted, but since Columbine shooting there has been an increased
concern about school safety and awareness for schools. Rampage school shootings don’t often take
place; school is still a relatively safe place in comparison to streets or neighbourhoods
School uniforms?
- Prof thinks school uniforms are not good, he had to wear one for 6 years at boarding school
- (back in the day): justified for egalitarian reasons
- If kids could wear what they like, it would lead to status struggles, requiring everyone to wear
the same thing keeps the playing field level (a way of preventing status claims by a kid wearing
an expensive brand of clothes)
- Present era: instrument of social control (allows educational administrators): identifying outside
in local gang members, in schools; law and order reasons
- Improves school climate? Making more positive ethos has a positive effect on school
attainment, and would encourage school pride
- Making school’s safer article: Promising early findings from Long Beach California
The school board there introduced mandatory school uniforms for elementary to high school
students, mid 1990’s crime reductive nature of school uniforms: later research caused further
- Didn’t positively affect, smoking, school attendance and also found the uniform policy seemed
to negatively affect academic attainment
- Prof suggests, maybe school uniforms in this area failed b/c students didn’t like the policies, and
actually weakened their overall commitment (resistance from students and parents in the long
beach area)
- Initially, early evidence seemed to support school uniforms having positive effects: at the same
time long beach introduced mandatory uniforms, they also introduced many other mundane
and boring scholastic reforms i.e. Curriculum (delivery), teaching methods
Zero tolerance policies
- Increase number of suspensions and exploitation from American schools, was occurring when
violent youth crime was declining
- First introduced in the US and subsequently introduced into more north American schools
- Initially implemented for violent acts but have little effect on school safety/ they don’t work!
- Disproportionately applied to visible minority students (race); the larger the proportion of the
student body that comprises visible minority students will more likely have implemented zero
tolerance policies. Researchers find that the white kids are suspended for much more serious
offenses, and the black kids are more likely to be suspended for a less offensive crimes. Largely,
white female teachers are suspicious and misunderstand black students cues.
- Police in schools? Case of Jordan Manners who was shot in a school in Toronto (policy
implemented from the US) SRO’S = school research officers, purpose of police is to prevent and
deter crime, going to foster a better relationship with juveniles and police (with the hope that
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