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Lecture 3

Week 3 Lecture

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Dan Silver

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Theory of Moral Sentiments
- mirror theory of self - Where did myself come from? Who am I? How should I act?
- based on interaction and mutual sympathy
- am I beautiful enough? (how you think people will respond)
- me = direct object, the way I am (everyone thinks I am a jerk)
- I = the me that is acting (should I act this way?); examiner/judge and person being
- benevolence = care about everybody
- self-love = care about self
- reason = get global view, and will do common stuff (rational)
- habitual sympathy – mother shapes who you are
- what best friends think of me is important, but what a stranger thinks of me is
- rational/abstract vs. empirical; rational – “this” is on the basis of “that” (e.g. we could not
have self-love if no mutual sympathy)
- general vs. particular; general – meant to apply to everywhere and everyone; particular -
- contemplative vs. practical; contemplative – getting attention and being important,
moving up
- practical – how can we increase wealth?
Wealth of Nations
The Causes of Wealth
- division of labour
- capital accumulation
Commercial Society
- money
- markets
Distributing Wealth
- wages of labour
- inequality
- social classes/class conflict
- Smith wrote this book after he stopped teaching, published in 1776
- general themes of book: substantive
1. division of labour (what is it? where does it come from? what are the consequences?)
2. great transformation
3. religion and morality (what are consequences of morality if we adopt modern culture)
methodological themes:
1. models of the social – market, hierarchy, community
2. universal vs. historical
- philosophical – human nature and virtue advices
- policy – role of government in: economics, religion, education
Inquiry into the nature and causes of the wealth of nation:
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