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Lecture 5

SOCB43H3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 5: General Idea, Criminal Law, Big Bang

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SOCB43 [LEC.05] Feb. 2/2017- Weber Charisma & Durkheim
Bureaucracy + Charisma
Science as a vocation
Durkheim life
- Social facts
DOL in society
- Agenda
- Function of DOL
- Mechanical Solidarity
Bureaucracy & Charisma
- As bureaucracy expands, charisma declines. It becomes routinized.
- Charismatic authority is opposite of authority bureaucracy creates.
- Charismatic authority:
1) Person w/ extraordinary qualities- Allegiance is to that individual person. Not to
your duties in an office. Allegiance to leader not to obligations or that role. Opposite
of bureaucratic rule.
2) Emotional community- disiples are the true elieers are the staff. Called to sere
at the pleasure of that idiidual. No laid out roles. ou’re harge of operations,
adertisig, et.. No astrat priiples. Judgets ade ase  ase. “ujet to
tests of their loyalty to that individual person. Case by case judgment based on
whims of their leader.
3) Creative- do’t just eeute rules as the alread are. Do’t just ask people to go
along with their current obligations. What they do is define new obligations.
Charisati ruler sas es this is ho it’s ritte, I sa do this. Ca e destrutie.
Smashing the expected ways of doing things
4) Anti bureaucratic & anti traditional- both are about stability and establishing
regularities. Charisma is irrational; no rules. Tradition is about following precedent of
past. Charisati ruler does’t are aout past.
- Charisma inherently a short lived thing. Necessaril trasitioal; a’t last.
- Short-lived because one day that leader is going to die. How do you replace? Process of
succession. As soon as you have that it leads to bureaucratic.
o Perhaps it’s the rother, or the hild ho soeho possesses this poer. These
are all techniques of trying to keep the charisma alive. As soon as you establish
some routine for discovering charisma, you have routinized charisma. Devolve
into bureaucracy and tradition.
- Charisma taken more and more out of the equation. Expectation = reason you make
decision is not because someone told you to, but because its your obligation based on
our positio. Does’t atter ho tells ou.
- Since charismatic movements/people are the primary source for creativity, the
expansion of bureaucracy means we are losing our major source of social
- If a new prophet appeared tomorrow, would we listen to them? weber worried
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- Bureaucracy= institutionalization of rationalization
Science as a Vocation
- Notion that science, rationality, reasoning becomes the privilege and most important
way of getting to the truth. Who really in the end can tell us about the universe?
rationalized society= scientist.
- Science=fundamental way of understanding the world. Part of rationalization.
o Used to be religious leaders, artists, etc.
o Scientists at top of cultural hierarchy.
- Mai features of oder siee Weer sa siee as sholarship iludes
humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, etc.):
1) Specialization- scientists want perfection and to know everything about your topic.
Have to specialize to master.
2) Fuses enthusiasm and discipline- need inspiration. Need discipline and calculation
and rigorous ethod. Ca’t hae just oe or the other. Need isight: aot otrol
the appearance of a new idea, new idea will come to you when it wants. Have to
work really hard and be ready for that new idea to come to you when it may appear.
Will only come to the person ready and working really hard.
3) Progress- criticism, falsification and reformulation. Progress of making an idea
etter. Art: goodess of e pla does’t ialidate goodess of old pla. But
science: old ideas are invalidated. Like using old model of physics.
How can you live knowing your best will be superseded?
Weber how can science be a vocation. What is the life meaning of
Demagicization of the World disenchantment
- Mai attitude is that though there a e thigs e do’t know in the world, there can
be no mysteries.
o Right now we may not know everything (e.g. quantum mechanics, first moments
after big bang) but in principle we could ko eerthig. There’s othig i the
world inherently impossible to eventually know about.
o Scientific understanding of the world there is no mystery/magical thing. These
thigs are just thigs e do’t ko et, ad e ill eetuall rak that ode.
- If you have that idea, you have a mission in life to take away all the magic in the world.
Athig that sees iraulous, ou hae to rip that aa. “urise is ot diie, there’s
a reason for it. commitment to ripping magic away from world and that is what inspires
modern science as a vocation. Why it will never end because always mysteries to
- This removes meaning from life.
o Tolstoy makes your death meaningless and therefore makes your life
o Life in a circle vs life a line. Cyclical version a e sure ou’e see eerthig
in your life (marriage, birth, war, peace). Know what the world has to offer;
satisfied. In line version cant be satisfied. Know you will miss out on good and
better thigs i the future ou a’t eperiee.
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