SOCB43 Lec 1

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4 Apr 2012

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SOCB43 Lec 1
1. Science of the Social
2. Rationalization, Differentiation, Individualization
3. Weber: Life
Science of the Social
General vs. particular
Abstract vs. empirical
Contemplative vs. practical
Classic is a cultural product that lasts
Moral and ethical crisis in sociology (Urbanization, labour etc.)
Comte invented the term sociology
Sociologists study everyday life
What are new ways of understanding the social world?
Marx’s theory of class and industrialization, capitalism
Tocqueville discussed countries that were democratic
Rationalization, Differentiation, Individualization
Rationalization- Weber:
o A hierarchy in social authority of scientists
o How social life is organized
o Connection b/w changes in religion and rationalization
Differentialization- Durkheim:
o Specialized roles are beyond the economic sphere (not just the Division of labour)
o There can be specialized neighbourhoods, and education
Individualization- Simmel:
o Inspired by social differences in metropolitan cities
o Isolation that comes with urbanization
o Ppl become more mobile (can move away from family)
Max Weber
Born in 1864
Eldest of 7 children
From a protestant family, lived in Germany
His father was a part of the liberal party
Rebelled in university and joined a fraternity
Studied law and economics
He fell in love with his first cousin but ended up marrying a different woman, Marriane Weber
Gained full professorship
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