SOCB43H3 Lecture Notes - Puritans, Protestant Work Ethic, Work Ethic

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4 Apr 2012

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Lec 3: spirit of capitalism, protestant ethic, protestant ethic + the spirit of capitalism, religious rejections of the world. Religious convictions pave the way for capitalism. Protestantism said that each person can have a direct relationship with god without a priests involvement. The spirit of capitalism time is money spirit of capitalism: working hard is a moral duty industriousness is a moral duty. Everyone has a moral duty to get rich. Always make sure that ppl know you"re hard working and rational. Why should we care: modern vs. adventure capitalism: adventure capitalism is based on taking risks likes making a bet to win a lot of money. Modern capitalism is when ppl work hard to increase their profit little by little using a business plan. Why should we care about the spirit of capitalism: because the rich (capitalist owners) are exploiting the poor ( working class) who can only sell their labour.