SOCB43H3 Lecture Notes - Puritans, Protestant Work Ethic, Work Ethic

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4 Apr 2012
Lec 3
1. Spirit of Capitalism
2. Protestant Ethic
3. Protestant Ethic + the Spirit of Capitalism
4. Religious Rejections of the world
Religious convictions pave the way for capitalism
Protestantism said that each person can have a direct relationship with god without a
priests involvement
Protestantism encourages capitalism
The spirit of capitalism
time is money
spirit of capitalism: working hard is a moral duty
industriousness is a moral duty
everyone has a moral duty to get rich
always make sure that ppl know you’re hard working and rational
Why should we care?
o Modern vs. adventure capitalism: Adventure capitalism is based on taking risks likes
making a bet to win a lot of money. Modern capitalism is when ppl work hard to
increase their profit little by little using a business plan
Why should we care about the spirit of capitalism?
o Because the rich (capitalist owners) are exploiting the poor ( working class) who can
only sell their labour
Ideals drive capitalism more than material
Capitalism wasn’t first seen amoung the rich but amoung the small towns, and poor ppl
The rich ppl were the ones who had the most material resources
Ideals created capitalism
Where did the spirit come from?
Protestant Ethic
What is the protestant ethic?
1. Ascetism: this is self denial, controlling your body, suffering
o For a good puritan pleasure is bad unless it leads you to have a more spiritual life
o Ex. Sports are not for fun but merely for exercise
2. State of Grace: the protestant believer knows what it takes to be In the state of grace
3. Find out by testifying to your belief
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