SOCB43H3 Lecture Notes - Protestant Work Ethic, Puritans, Protestantism

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6 Apr 2012
Lec 3
Spirit of capitalism
-what animates the drive and translated to an ethic
-- what is science?
See the world from inside, *Benjamin Franklin see the book
- Industriasness is a moral duty
- Makes distinction b/w modern vs. adventure capt
- Adventure cap= describing basic form of cap
- Make one thing to become rich
- Capitalism as modern different because the key is the mass are working hand day in and
- Profit itself is a value
Why do we care?
- Makes strong point b/w ideal vs. material
- Capitalism did not appear among the richest ppl first.
- The rich people who have capital are the ones who lacked the spirit as they didn’t want to
- Spirit of cap is not fundamentally driven by materialism
Where did it come from?
- It is linked to rationalization: rationalizing economic activity
- Quantitative elemen, linled with book keeping
- Ppl thought it was a good idea to rationalize because it is rooted in religion
What is the protestant ethic?
1. Acestisim: denying the sense of pleasure, for a good puritan pleasure is bad
- Even sex in marriage is not for pleasure
- Apparently everything fun is bad!
- Highly moralizing control over sins
2. State of grace
- Ppl who are saints among us are above this world yet live in it
- It is all predetermined, how do you find out?
3. Testifying to belief
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