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Lecture 2

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Dan Silver

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Sociology notes lecture 2
Sociology as the science of action
Theory of action
Natural is social science
Ideal types
Power (Why do people obey authority)
Stratification (How society is divided into different tiers)
Sociology as a science of action
What is sociology is a science
Key terms, action, subjective meaning etc
Sociology is the comprehensive study of action
What is the importance?
The need to interact with others becomes a topic of sociology
Spencer treated humans like giant organisms
Marx was primarily interested in identifying social classes, such as
Weber is interested in peoples work, not dependent on poverty and or
wealth weber was concerned about the individual meaning of work and
the consequences of peoples dependence on work.
You ask what people are trying to accomplish when they go to work
Many different meanings from work found in the present and past
Theory of action
The main ways people make their actions meaningful
Once a theory is developed it can be applied to more than one person
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Four types of actions that make actions meaningful
Purposive Rationality
Displays that a clear goal is in mind
The consequences are considered for the course of their action
Example of this you walk outside of class and see someone throw up
their arm this could be based on randomness or a purpose can be
You must find out if there is a purpose for their action which can be
based on someone threating them
Meaningful action can be determined if you find out their reasoning for
Value Rationality
Not based on a worked out plan based on something to be
unconditionally valuable
Something that you believe in or stand for and is done due to your
attachment to this notion.
Example defending honour may not make sense through a purpose is
dependent on values or beliefs
Affective Action
Emotional action or response to something
Less thought out
Done because that is the way things are always done
Based on things accepted within society
No sure of the reasoning however it is due to tradition and customs
These values can be used to determine if something is not ration
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