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Lecture 7

Lecture 7

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Lecture febuary 15th
Moral value of specialization
Function of DOL
1.What is the function of DOL
2.What causes DOL
3.What are abnormal forms of the DOL
What is the function of the DOL
oWhat needs it serves for society as a whole
oHow does the DOL aid or improve society opposed to societies
oNot civilization
oTo increase wealth and standard of living which in turns makes
us more culturally enriched
oStrong case that increasing civilization decreases the moral
health of a society
oThese society have the highest suicide and crime, overall
decrease in social solidarity
oSomething is moral only when it creates obligations
oDOL bring material increase along with moral degradation
oThe true function is solidarity
oSense of together-ness
oWhich results in a mechanical solidary (A connection due to
oBecome a common unit due to common values
oOrganic solidarity (In which opposites attract, differences
between others complement and complete each other)
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oOrganic solidarity creates a widespread of complementary
relationships in which everyone depends on one another making
everyone connected
oIf organic cannot create what we once had we should revert back
oTo find the effectiveness of the different types of solidarity look
to the law
Criminal law
oBased on looking at the objective law you can determine which is
more effective between organic solidarity or mechanical
oThe first step is to classify the law (What happens to someone if
they break the law)
Penal (Repressive law)
oThe point of the law is to hurt others and or punish them
oMake the person punished and publicly exploited
oThe purpose of punishment is to restore the world before the law
was broken
oIf money was stolen the main concern is to get the money back
oThe person who breaks the law is not punished or hurt, they are
responsible for fixing the situation
oThis notion is related to mechanical solidarity
oDurkheim asks why must we make a person suffer, and how
does it serve to hold society together
oNot because crime is harmful to society
oNeed to make others suffer does not rise from protecting society
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