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Week 8 Lecture Note

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Dan Silver

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March 1, 2011
Prof. D Silver
Pathologies of DOL
Modern morality
Scared + profane
Beliefs, rituals, practices
Collective sparkle
Midterm based on Durkheim and
Identification, quotation,
Comparison of webers theory
Durkheim theories
What modern morality has to be?
Fundamental principle is justice
Adam Smith is a great analyst of
DOL made people more stupid, less
useful and more specialized
Smith says to have more general
education for people to solve problems
of DOL
Comte thought DOL would split
people up in society and fragment sub-
Have special festivals and social
unity to create commonality of people
Durkheim thinks DOL can solve its
own problems if it is done right
3 different problems of DOL
1st pathology is anomic (anomie)
rules are lacking – occurring in the early
days of DOL
New specializations come out before
things are settled
Deep conflicts between owners and
workers a very big problem in
capitalismand to correct it is to have a
What youre doing is not contributing
to the larger society – Marx discussed
this in alienation
Durkheim link up owners and
workers the feeling of anomie will
decrease real enforceable rules how
owners should treat workers
When new specialties are created
feeling of anomie surfaces again
2nd pathology is the forced DOL
There are rules that force some
classes in some roles to prevent them
from doing other roles
In England only certain types of
family background to take civil service
exam to work for government feeling
of alienation

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More people seek different things in
life that they could do
DOL is creating a lot of problems in
It is not the DOL problem stated by
3rd pathology – uncoordinated DOL
When there are serious mismatches
between roles that you’re in and your
More DOL leads to more serious
Personality is not always matched up
to his role not making people realize
their real talents
Coordinated DOL would make sure
people get matched up with their roles
in life and make them fully use their
It could feel really alienated to be
stuck in a position where it doesnt fully
use your talents
Number of occupations now have
increased significantly (our generation
tend to have 6 to 7 different occupations
before we retire)
Theoretical agenda science of
Logical agenda how do we study
morality in an objective agenda
Practical agenda what do we do in
society when roles are proliferating?
Should we become better-rounded or
should we accept our faith and
Durkheims answer is to specialize
Primary moral rulerealize the
common moral type deepest moral
convictions come from society
We are entirely permeated by
society – Durkheim ** Quote
There is no universal common school
of morality
Function of common type is to create
organic solidarity if we dont protect
that – society will dissolve (Durkheim)
The other path is to realize yourself
with a distinct specialized purpose
necessary for social cohesion
Both paths lead to organic solidarity
1st conclusion fit morality to the
Dominant society is a social fact
Moral consideration flows from
social situations
Moral task is to give priority to the
basic moral principle that is appropriate
for the time and place you live
Highly developed society more
attention to organic solidarity
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