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Lecture 13

SOCB43H3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 13: Social Fact, Georg Simmel

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SOCB43 – Week 13 – Tutorial – Friday, April 4, 2014
- Make sure you provide the signi$cance
oEx. DOL: Try to step back and talk about what Durkheim is
saying and how society stays together as society, how
Durkheim understands it from pre-industrial to industrial.
Say a little about what the concept is useful for.
oSocial Fact: This was part of a disciplinary project for
Durkheim trying to argue for sociology as a discipline
- Make sure you explain what you mean
oDon’t just write it from the lecture; you need to explain it
Ex. “Social fact is an external to the individual, which
means x,y, and z and it is objective because of x, y
and z.”
Exam Preparation
Quote Identication
- “…He must then, by generalizing these individual attitudes of
that organized society or social group itself, as a whole, act
toward di8erent social projects, or toward the various larger
phases of the general social process which constitutes its life and
of which these projects are speci$c manifestations.”
- Who talked about the attitudes of social group in a generalized
oHow to distinguish Mead from Durkheim
Durkheim didn’t talk much about social fact
- The “act” is the basic unit of Mead’s social theory. Explain the
four interrelated components of the act as de$ned by Mead: i)
impulse; ii) perception; iii) manipulation; and iv) consummation.
What does it mean to say that they are interrelated?
oAct –
oImpulse –
oManipulation –
oConsummation –
oWhat do these four stages mean and how are they
di8erent from each other.
- How does Mead de$ne “gestures”? Provide an example of a
“conversation of gestures”
oAn action one does to communicate to another person to
change the other persons mind
oSomething one does to communicate with someone; not
intentional communication
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