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Lecture 8

SOCB43 Lecture 8: SOCB43 : 4 - Effective Writing : Warrants, Reason, Claims, Evidence and Alternative Views

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Dan Silver

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4 - Effective Writing: Warrants, Reason, Claims,
Evidence and Alternative Views
logical reasoning + factual supporting evidence
readers must = accept reasons and believe evidence
why should the reader believe your claim?
Evidence needs to fit argument
reader and writer need to share common implications of the claim
ex. mom will replace shoes because there is a legitimate reason to do so
claim: blue shoes are ugly and I need new ones
evidence: red is my favourite colour
Alternative View
helps to think objectively
shows reader you have counter arguments
explain why your argument is stronger than the alternate view
why should I accept your reasons
claim, reasons and evidence should fit together
example from before ("red is my favourite colour")
the warrant for this would be that "red shoes are important for my personal style and aesthetic"
logic and evidence should match the warrant
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