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Lecture 11

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Dan Silver

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Lecture 11
April, 3, 2012: week 13
Group expansion (1)
- Related to individuality
- Geometric thinker (pictures or diagrams)
- Group M= more or less do the same thing, from the same town, similar outcomes and religion,
has its own language and unique customs
Group N= differentiation occurs, you’re going to have different types of ppl (merchants, lawyers,
peasants, warriors)
Group 0= gets big, ppl from different areas, subclasses, now not everyone is the same and have
different outlooks on life, you have a new possibility based on what you do/ perform/ interest;
not just where you’re from, creates new opportunities
- Personal and collective individuality
- Each little town is individual in a collective sense, within any big city youre going to find the
same types of ppl making them similar
- Low personal, high collective= small town
- High personal, low collective= big city
- Individualism + cosmopolitanism/ universalism b/c you’re not as tied to a specific place of origin
and are more mobile (ex. Christianity said you as a unique individual could choose, missionary
orientation) the more orient to an individual the more available it is to be adopted by others
Intersection of social circles (2)
1. families, farmers
2. Town
3. Country
4. Outside= religion
(parental family) (founded family) (spouses family) (job) (friends that like rap) > intersecting
circles, the more crosses the more an individual personality is likely to be developed: about form
not content
No single affiliation defines you, you are the constant
When more ppl have these intersections of groups you belong to the less likely it is for
anyone to belong to the same set, resulting in unique coordinates, creates a personal
experience of being different from anyone else
- Being a priest (poor, rich, country and education), like the 4 beetles were united as a whole on
tour until they were split up one of the wives and broke up the group
- Its possible to be above and below in some relationships (in class prof is above the students,
but if you go to karate together: you are higher as a black belt than prof as a green belt) creates
a higher sense of individuality
- Simmel on DOL: Very non specialized occupation= farming, relationship between role and
personality (what you are and what you do), once its specialized it’s not totally you- once its 5
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