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SOCB44H3 Lecture Notes - Concentric Zone Model, Florian Znaniecki, Ernest Burgess

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John Hannigan

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The Polish Peasant in Europe and America
William I Thomas – better known researcher; was a symbolic interactionist
- best known for: if people believe something was true, then it was true for its consequences
- reality is socially defined/shaped
- e.g. if left-handed people are believed to be really smart, then people will treat them that way
Florian Znaniecki – was a Polish American sociologist
- looked at immigrants who came to Chicago and settled in centre of Chicago (seen as
- studied social disorganization = a decrease in the influence of existing social rules of
behaviour upon individual members of the group
- disorganization came from family, religion, life from rural community
- younger generation – social fabrics tend to tear apart (e.g. crime, juvenile, family break-up,
- studied why this happens due to influence of city
- many statistics found from court records
- rebuild stronger citizenship and organization
- murder rate is going up in Peel region, but is stable in Toronto because things are in control
- Chicago in early 20’s and 30’s, contrast between situation back home and in city
- murders were rare; usually because of jealousy
- people started to engage in violence and murders in Chicago
-pawn man
- guys drinking heavily and sleeping until noon lead to violence and murder
Sexual immorality on girls
- girls were under control of parents
- strict control of premarital sex
- girls were expected to go home after school and do housework
- lack of parental supervision of teenage girls in rural Poland and Chicago
- peer influence of bad friends lead to deviance and crime
Social disorganization
- makes people become murderers, rapists, etc.
- killed life record of immigrants
- book: The Gold Coast and the Slum written by Harvey Zorbaugh
- did a study right in centre of Chicago, called Loop
- was a number of neighbourhoods right next to one another
- gold coast was elite area situated right on lake where wealthy people in big mansions
- slum was an area of Italian settlement, much working-class; one was a bohemian area where
people wanted to become artists
- also an area called Skid Row, which refers to concentration of area in downtown cities where
hobos/panhandlers/homeless lived
- these areas are natural areas, where they are bunch of little planets circulating
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