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8 May 2012

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Watson and Crickbook published, showed how education can influence the conomy as
opposed to the other way around
Steve Wozniakco-founder of apple, failures in school (went to india, underwent personal
transformation and as a result came up with unique products and changed education
Saint Simone Comteperhaps most notably Marxism,
Spencer, Par sons, and Comteearly functionalists and founded sociologist. Education is
functional and makes a positive contribution to society because it integrates members into a
functional whole
Discensuseveryone disagrees
RRRreading writing, arithmetic.
Deferred gratificationu put off what u want for your LT goals
Durkheimschools and their instilling of morals => increased social cohesion
Old soviet unionbased on uniformity. They integrate around uniformity. Everything was
forfeited to the state.
Yugoslaviafell into ethnic warfare because integration had failed
Ancestral homeland*****
Baltic republicslatvia, Estonia, Lithuania. Came from falling of soviet union
Metitocracyeverything based on ur own achievements and efforts. Social hierarchy
established due to test
Latentunintended functions of education
Christina hoffsummers—“the war against boys”—the educational system is against males
because theyre more disruptive and hyperactive, while femaels are more quiet and cooperative
Timothy batesUniversity of Edinburg, came up with stats diff between male and female
intelligence measures; smartest and dumbest are men, women in the middle
Bowles and Guintess—“schooling in capitalist America”—say that uni reinforces capitalist
ideals=>reinforce compliance, punctuality and discipline. Reinforces status quo and systemic
exploitation and does it in really informal ways and so subtle that you’re not aware of it. says
the ruling class imposes its knowledge and culture on the education system conflict theory
Credentialismneed more and more certificates for the same job.
Randal Collinscame up with credentialism. Credential inflation
Marxeducation contributes to socialization. Class differences are strengthened by education
Communist manifestomarx wrote it, about how capitalism is evil and communism will prevail
over it.
James Deanrebel without a cause. An actor who died really young and super rebellious. ****
Inhibitory mechanisms--****
Frontal lobeyoung males have it underdeveloped, and these lobes inhibit impulsive behaviour.
Ojibwaefirst nations group
Gardener is o garden painter is to easelhow IQ tests culturally specific.
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Repeat offenderkeeps doing ti
Grand theft autogame.
B & Ebreaking and entering
Consensual crimeboth parties agree. Also VICTIMLESS CRIME. Laudanum=mix of
Vagrancyhomeless and on the street
Entrapmentundercover thing with the police trying to tempt the person into committing the
crime to catch them
Jon-customer of prostitute
Trickswhat the prostitute does
Edwin Sutherlandgave the idea of white collar crime. White collar crime is also super
expensive and gave example of investment fund
Muggging-robbing on the street. Street crime
Copywright infringementwhite collar crime
Price fixingcompanies get to gethre and inflate a price
Insider tradingknow whats going to happen
Forgeryfaking documents
Fraud is scamming
Embezzlementstealing from a company
Donnie brascoundercover FBI agent trying to crack the mafia
Sopranoestv show about the mafia lifestyle
Goodfellasa movie based henry hill, who is part of Italian mafia
Italian Mafiathe name for organized crime
Sicillian cosa nostraorganized crime by Sicilians
Myer Lanskiexpert at money laundering, worked for al capone
Al caponefamour NY gangster. Money laundering thing about olive oil. Import companies to
do that
Triadschinese gangs
Big circle boysname of a gang.
Kung lok, 14K, ghost shadows, all gangs
Drug cartelslatin American organized crime is what theyre famous for
Pablo escobarmost famous Columbian drug dealer, brought in the best coaches to train his
soccer players to make sure
Hells angelslargest organized crime association. Outlaw bikers. Basically everywhere, mostly
Caucasian. Make the mafia look like little kids. Mostly Scottish, irish, and French. Just after
WW2, hells angels was the name of a fighter g=jet, these ppl came back from ww2 and really
bored so they made a gang
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