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Week 9
Do you usually think of poverty as a health issue?
oPoverty and health are interrelated
oCheaper food (i.e. Kraft dinner) is unhealthy
What was the most surprising or confusing fact or idea that you encountered in this
week’s readings?
oPoverty can have an effect on health in cities based on the proximity to
affordable food sometimes food are more healthier but more expensive
oSome supermarkets are harder to access and not as many options
oIn poorer areas where you think youll find cheaper food is not actually always
the case
oThis idea that marginalized communities, its not just their poverty but where
they’re located is also a factor
oSame for aboriginal communities not heavily populated, so can build
industries there and not harming them
Inequality and Environmental Hazards: First Nations in Elliot Lake
Film: Uranium
Think about: Can you relate this situation to some of the frameworks discussed this
week and/or in previous weeks? What are some of the historical causes?
In its natural state, uranium gives off atomic radiation for a number of years,
disrupts internal function
Uranium supplies atomic bombs and generates electricity
Tonnes of liquid waste are dumped on site
The sand lake contains far more radiation than extracted uranium
Causes damages to human life
If mining continues, the industry will have dumped 3 million tonnes by the end of
the century
They are Canadas slow bombs
Unless they can be perfectly contained, it will flow down the great lakes
Theres a lot of sickness here in Elliot Lake, and they begin to wonder why
Study: health effects of low radiation
The military demolition left behind serious health problems because of
Little is known about its impact from the population
Theres a direct relationship uranium mining and radiation cause birth defects
The contamination is into the food chain moose, plants, river/water
Whatever people eat will contain contamination
When the mines opened in Elliot Lake, few jobs were open to Native People
People got cancer and sickness from working in the mine, most of them will be dying
in a short time and will eventually die
Theres indisputable evidence that miners will have lung cancer they will
experience 2-4 times more than other population
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