SOCB47H3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: White Privilege, Heteronormativity, Heterosexuality

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14 Feb 2016
SOCB47 Tutorial 3 Notes
“Screaming from this manifesto…to regulate and exclude them” (Cohen, p.448)
What does it mean to place heterosexuality and not heteronormativity as the
dividing line between dominant and oppressed?
Heterosexual assumed to be dominant group and anyone else is oppressed but there’s
variation. This line of division is problematic. What is wrong with the heteronormative
system? Theyre also oppressed and identities constrained.
How are heterosexual people regulated and excluded by heteronormativity?
Pressure for what the ideal relationship is and to conform to that heteronormativity was
the right, essential only way and if you go the other path or not have kids or a partner,
pressure for trying to step out of the norms. Gender should match with sex and
heterosexual identity.
What are some of the critiques of McIntosh’s conceptualization of white privilege
based on the following quotes?
“Coming to terms with white privilege…committed by other whites in their name.”
(Leonardo, p.139)
“Whites are carefully tonight not to recognize white privilege…on my group from…”
(Leonardo p.143)
What is the difference between white privilege and white supremacy/racial domination,
as discussed by Leonardo?
White privilege: unearned advantage, born with it, what is this privilege identity? Where
does this privilege come from? How is it continuing? When studying white privilege, ask
what that unearned privilege is and how it feels to have it?
White supremacy/racial domination: different power relations and where they come from.
What are some of the issues with this white privilege approach?
1st quote: not about feeling but to be aware of it and to know it exists
2nd quote: experience of white privilege from white people; passive approach. No one
taking responsibility for it and where it comes from. If you have an advantage then
someone else has a disadvantage. Side note: Hiring is where racial bias comes out.
Group Discussion
Identify an institution where heteronormativity or a lack of sensitivity to racial
domination is evident
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