SOCB47H3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 5: Scientific Racism, Glass Ceiling, White Privilege

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20 Feb 2016

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SOCB47 Lecture 5 Notes
Slide 5:
Race: social construction of identity
- Material implications
- Biologically determined
- Based on where you’re from
- Skin colour
Racialization: process of where we identity people by race, process of categorization,
changes overtime, ie. Italians, Irish incorporated into whites.
- discriminate, marginalize, practice racial hierarchy taking value/worth from
other categories
- leads to material consequences and structural differences
- biological -> innate, natural
- New Racism: new ways of creating hierarchies after biological racism went down
- Cultural differences between groups that are insurmountable
Slide 7:
Video: Binary white over black not on the same level. Dictionary as a knowledge text.
The definitions are socially constructed and influenced by the background of the people
who wrote it then you start to deconstruct or question the way in which race is embedded
in a lot of the things we do and learn.
Slide 8:
The way skin lighteners are used across the world. A class privilege for lighter skin. The
ones with lighter skin didn’t work whereas the ones with tanned skin were out in the sun
working. Lighter skin gets them entry into the workforce and other types of opportunities.
Material effects if one is able to change the skin colour. Skin lighteners are toxic and
people are using them to have an advantage in society. A lot of the skin lighteners based
in Europe are produced outside of Europe since they’re illegal.
Slide 9:
Almost 50% of the US is racialized so why isn’t there the same representation in the film
industry and other areas? And if there is representation, it’s often very problematic. The
majority of people who are professors in higher education across North America are male
and white. Creates a glass ceiling where we don’t have the same access to opportunities
and resources.
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