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Lecture 4

SOCB47 Lecture 4: SOCB47 Tutorial 4 Notes

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Francisco Villegas

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SOCB47 Tutorial 4 Notes
Article link:
How are people with disability being represented in this article? Is it a uniform
There are two sides: they’re being exploited and repressed and it’s also a great
opportunity for them. The people quoted in the article are experts, parents, activists
instead of the voice of the people with disability. They seem to be able to contribute to
the workplace and have full lives. Another representation is parents saying it’s not about
the money and at least they’re doing something. Also, quote: “warm, social place”.
What does it mean to be a worker? What logic would justify paying people with disability
so little for their work in sheltered workshops?
The sheltered workshops are helping them and giving them opportunity but it’s also
exploitative. Example: building wooden crates for 50 cents an hour or pinning together
Remembrance Day poppies for a penny per poppy. There has been debates and the
decision was to close all sheltered workshops. With the sheltered workshops closing, will
there be another alternative for these people after they’re closed? Holding these
workshops accountable.
What makes a good research question?
Who? (population or group)
What? (issue, event)
Where? (location or setting)
When? (time frame)
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