SOCB47 Lecture 6: SOCB47 Tutorial 6 Notes

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26 Mar 2016

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SOCB47 Tutorial 6 Notes
Article link:
Think of an argument/claim/thesis about the article including the two concepts:
nationalism and multiculturalism. Then think of two supporting arguments based on the
Unless it’s based on a security and/or performance risk, individuals should be allowed to
wear their religious head gear. All situations should be made comfortable for them so
they should be accommodated. To identify their identity, they can have private rooms
with female officials. In areas like jobs, they should explicitly state which religious garbs
aren’t allowed and for what reason. Referring to case 1 and 5.
Jurisdictions: no proper procedure or lack of reason inconsistencies
Government recognize religious freedoms but some situations limit that and there are
legal consequences as well.
Public opinion and sentiment holding it back, not the government’s effort.
When writing the paper:
Different opinions + support and evidence
Drawing from different sources
Can use sub-headings
Can write in 1st or 3rd person
Write in a way that shows you had an active contribution to your paper
Paraphrase and direct quote but make sure to distinguish between the author’s
ideas and your ideas
find more resources at
find more resources at
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