SOCB47H3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 11: Wage Theft, Living Wage, Contract

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3 Apr 2016

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SOCB57 Lecture 11 Notes
Slide 3:
Standard work:
Hours; unions; benefits; labour protection; risk-sharing (Strauss & Fudge);
bilateral contract (between two individuals)
Relates to idea of loyalty: the two parties will be loyal to each other in the long-
term; employee is loyal so the employer has to provide benefits and protection
Breadwinner model:
- when the man works and earns money for the family
- allows for a certain amount of salary/wages
- controls women’s entry into the labour market
standard employment relationship not standard for everyone
- only standard for a few number of people
- women, children and racialized people had to work
Slide 4:
Non-standard work:
flexible hours; no benefits; unable to unionize; outsource; contract work
Slide 5:
Examples: self-employed entrepreneurs (athletes, entertainers, etc.). They don’t have the
same benefits but still live comfortably. There aren’t a lot of these jobs.
Slide 6:
Cutting costs
- cheaper for employer to outsource than to provide benefits and protection
decrease of welfare state
neoliberalism push to privatize a lot of things like industries, which gives
employers access to these benefits
race to the bottom employers cutting costs people trying to cut corners
decrease in the power of labour union
- labour unions are historically exclusionary
- people not treated equally in labour union so they stay away from it
- they’re now trying to expand their base working with these people
globalization and transnational companies
- increase in service sector precarious
women are assumed to take care of children at home
- increase of them in the workplace leads to an increase in precarious work
- affected by precarious working conditions
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