SOCB47H3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 12: Hybridity, Dream Act, Neoliberalism

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14 Apr 2016

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SOCB47 Lecture 12 Notes
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Slide 15:
This reading is set in the US. There’s no number in Canada but the estimation is lower
than the US one. Around 500,000 to 1 million given that Canada’s population is smaller
than US’ population and the only land border Canada has is with the US while the US has
a land border with Mexico. A lot of undocumented migrants from Mexico or South
America or Central America. The last time undocumented immigrants were granted
immigration status was in 1986 IRCA policy. IRCA= Immigration Reform and Control
Act. IRCA allowed certain people who had requirements to apply for regularization and
were able to access permanent residency, which excluded many people. US producing a
lot of displacement and dislocations across the world. Canada also participates in that
process. In the 1990s, immigration responsibility has a neoliberal lens. Immigrants need
to take responsibility for their actions. This criminalized a lot of immigrants made it
difficult for them to achieve permanent residency in the US.
Slide 16:
The Dream Act was a proposed way to have or to grant permanent residence to certain
immigrants. These immigrants would be youth who have studied in the US (secondary
and post-secondary) or had military participation in the US. They go through a process
that grants them permanent residency. This programs allows some undocumented
immigrants to become documented. It constructed categories where they had to be young,
educated. The Dream Act hasn’t passed and has been in discussion for about 15 years. An
activist movement resulted from this where undocumented youth called themselves
Dreamers in relation to the Dream Act. There were people demanding increased rights
and that they should be granted immigration status since they contributed and participated
in society. They did a sit-in outside of John McCain’s office to demand regularization and
access to entitlements. There are universities that allow undocumented immigrants. In
California, undocumented students have access to financial aid. More progressive policy
changes. In 2012, Obama signed a policy called DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood
Arrivals). Similar to Dream Act but temporary. It allows them to be a little more
documented but doesn’t grant permanent residence. The reading talks about one
undocumented youth. One of his art from the undocumented queer series is on the slide.
“I exist!” Talking about the invisibilization that undocumented folk experience.
Slide 17:
Illegal as an offensive term. The relationship that documents have to the state and
citizenship. The power that is granted and not granted to people because of their
immigration status or not. The critique against illegalization and criminalization that
people experience because of crossing borders without the required documentation. Julio
Salgado began to build a community through this campaign called Undocumented and
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