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Lecture 5

SOCB50H3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 5: Eugenics, Maple Leaf, William Lafayette Strong

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Joe Hermer

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Lecture 5
- 5-8 SA readings and lec material
o Illegal immigration because harmful to society, taking away
American values objectivist / subjectivist
o Malainse or malaprohibite
o Difference in eugenics movement in Alberta and in Ontario
Eugenics movement (Alberta)
- How aw often works
- Difficult to repeal and becomes invisible
- Lawyers… didnt know it was going on until 97
- 1937 law to remove consent of patient
- Experimentation were experimenting on them; 30 males who had downs
syndrome sterilized them anyways to see what would happen even though
they cant have kids
- Beginning of haulacast program in Germany
- 2,822 sterilizations (55 in the last year)
- Woman imprisoned for 50 years refused to be sterilized
Sexual sterilization act 1928
- People who didnt fit in – immigrants, poor, disabled….
- Reaction to immigration and economic conditions upholding the
superiority of the Anglo-American way of life
o The protection against white blood from being polluted by inferior
races, given much more violent expression
- Was a mainstream movement
- Government did not enact legalization
o Religion Catholics a lot stronger, and more influence, fundamentally
against catholic teachings, paradoxical main reason Ontario didnt
- Fell out of favor over morals (both provinces)
Feb 1930 (2 years after sterilization act)
- Black Sudans pulled up
- 75 men got out dressed in white robes and conical robes
- Marched to middle of town about 3,000 people 90% from English
background; 40 black families descendants from American slaves
- Planted huge cross covered in gas and lit on fire
- Chief of police, David Kerr what presence was
o Breaking up an interracial couple
o Ira dating Isabel Jones thought to be living together
- Found out that couple was at aunts house of Ira
- Surrounded house, yelled for Isabel to come out and took her with white
salvation army captain took her back home to parents
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