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Lecture 7

SOCB50H3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 7: British Thermal Unit, Date Rape, Urban Legend

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Joe Hermer

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Lecture 7
- Norms and indigenous issues
- Essay assignment (no need for sighting or extra research)
- Max 1000 words; 3-4 paragraphs
o Don’t do intro no thesis statement – first sentence should be the first
example from the survivors …
- Starts with statement
o Reaction to the statement / discussion from it
- First part
o Unfit parents
o Main functions document what went on in the schools
Experiences (removed, emotional state, what happened to
siblings) each experience pick a couple that is related and tell
about them
o Name of chapter forcible removing stories of survivors and being
taken to schools (take these examples and describe any relationship
to the statement)
Don’t have to quote or cite
- Second part
o Similarities and differences between question 1 and Doukhobors
o Direct relatedness
o Doesn’t have to be comprehensive
o 1 or 2 similarities and differences
- Third part
o Gallery
o One art piece
o Discuss how it is related to anything in parts 1 and 2
o Norms and meanings
o Semiotics politics of looking
o Visit look name describe
o Open Nov 3 15
Morality Narratives
- urban legends (also rumors and gossip)
- informal, everyday sotires that have a high omral content about (often)
issues that are present in everyday life
- type of stories abour nature about how we know something is truthful /
moral or not
o go about dicisions or talking about discions that are difficult
- not an abstract term
o not something that has to do with social interaction
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find more resources at

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- Donald Trump
o Most people fabuous republic human being, unhinged
o He is one thing aboe everything else genius at story telling:
American Dream is dead
Lot of people htat have been left behind have no future, or
These people have a right to be angry how they have been
failed by gov and instituions
o Pathological liar disconnected from reality -> makes story stronger
o May be racist, misogynist, reasonable to comparable to Hitler, factious
-> still a powerful story
o Accompanied by darkest visions of society from public figure in a long
o Parable, tale moral story he is telling
Social media, online culture
- hoax read Obama being assassinated
- parables
2 classic urban legends:
1st story
- 3 white affluent woman live in NY, country mice
- went to the city to the rich areas
- athletic black man and Doberman got into elevator with them
- black man said sit 3 woman sat down
o said didn’t mean you - > said it to the dog -> embarrassed
- woman asked them for good restaurant to eat
- went to restaurant meal already paid for -> man in elevator paid for them
o man was Reggie Jackson
famous African American football player
o didn’t know who he was
- he was a role model lot of division = race difficult for white men to talk
- moral of it: why 3 whote woman sit down when said sit down
o felt black men dominate
o whotes felt threatened by them
o so how do you talk about it …
makes sense in how its structured how its transmitted
2nd story
- girl excited to go to prom
- had crush on person, wanted to pick out fancy dress
- went to buy dress
- goes to prom, dances with crush
- feels nauseous, sick goes to bathroom
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find more resources at
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