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Lecture 2

SOCB50H3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: White Supremacy, Norm (Social)

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Joe Hermer

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Norms and Culture
Indigenous culture objects in the mainstream
- Norms can change during time
- Norms often interaxt with cultural object
Slide 1:
- Cultural object: shared significance in embodied form-an expression of social meaning
Slide 2:
- Indigenous objects are used in mascot
- But there is no consent
Slide 3: The war of meanings
- People who follow sports
o Bluntly disrespecting; get why it is offensive but will still do it
Painting there face red
o Argued that dressing this way is empowering
o Lack of understanding
Slide 4:
- Historical approach
- The ord ae i 6; do’t really ko the origi
- Huge group of immigrant form England
o Pushing the indigenous people outwards
o Resulted in war
o Settlers on one side vs the indigenous
- Paid bounty brought scalps
o Usually male ones
- Directly referencing murder
Slide 5:
- No body own culture
- They both have tradition
- They both have reference to this cultural object
- Cultural object as a free for all- DiManno
- Do’t ee ko hat it is you are referrig to
o Missauga and mohawk comes from two different tribes
Sldie 6:
- People would be talking about it if there was another team introduced such as the new York
jews or the san fransisco china man
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