SOCB54H3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 11: Krahn People, Glass Ceiling, Paraprofessional

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29 Nov 2016
Sociology of Work Lecture 11
- The exam will consist of three parts, 40 multiple choice draw from class material,
chapter 5 and 6 of Krahn, Hughes, and Lowe and required readings, part two will consist
of 5 matching questions from Krahn, Hughes and Lowe, and lastly one essay (worth 20
marks) chosen by yourself based on topics 1) women and work, 2) the professions
(including semi professions and para professions), race/immigrant status and work
- Also received essays back in class today!
- Do not write the exam in point form- use your term papers as models
- Exam is not cumulative
- Topics discussed after midterm: will be youth and work, case study of impact of
education, benefits of co-op, study conducted on racial discrimination in the labour
market, women and work, existence of gender based occupation segregation, glass
ceiling, case study of women in legal profession, and women in pharmacy revolving
door syndrome in legal profession for women, many women entering legal profession
but equally leaving due to sexual harassment, no evidence that female pharmacist were
leaving their professions or dissatisfied, last topic is profession, DE professionalization,
paraprofessional and semi profession
Semi Professions
- Have achieved some characteristics of a professions-but not all of them
- Teachers, librarians, social workers, pharmacists, nurses
- Tend to be female dominated reason may because women seem to be subordinate to
males in the workforce
- Barriers to full professional status
- Knowledge/skills: how unique are they? The case of elementary school teachers most
of the credentials of elementary school teachers are at the same level as most adults,
i.e. most adults can be do simple mathematics, read, and grammar
- Remember: established professions have monopoly control over distinctive body of
- The specialized knowledge of semi professionals (for example nurses, pharmacists)
overlaps with that of more established professions (doctors)
- The semi professions- or lack autonomy- they often work in large bureaucracies
- School boards decide curriculum, not teachers
find more resources at
find more resources at
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