Lecture 4

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27 Feb 2011
A Stakeholder Theory not on midterm
Culture includes economics and politics
Greek word economia science of running the home oikos home
oRunning the values within the home
oHow do you run your private life?
Aristotle On the Good Life
Each man judges well the things he knows… good judge in general political
science not knowledge but action
1.Youth precludes full understanding of truth (i.e. the Good Life because its
obsessed with ancillary aspects of truth and not the truth itself
oPolitical science: participatory democracy (you are your own representative)
oEnd = goals for the young aimed at action NOT knowledge
2. In-itself vs. a means to an end
oHighest form of love is the love for a friend
3 types of friendship:
Serves your needs
Highest form = means in themselves (interest is giving to them
NOT taking from them)
What is the highest of all goods thought and contemplation say its happiness…
the wise
3.Happiness the good life
oGood relationships, good health, good work
oHappiness is the foundation for everything
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