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Lecture 10

Lecture 10

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Emily Fountas

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Week 10 – March 25
, 2011
9/11 – shows how a type of advertising – evening news is very inf luential
Today: a change—screening of “pitchmen” : on advertising
-Ron Rundle – hires people to pitch he doesnt pitch anymore
-When a pitch does great on the fair grounds – ron likes to bring it to tv and make more
Pitchmen need a crowd – draw attention
-They will use every trick at their disposal – get people drawn in
-Once the crowd is in nice and close the pitch will start
-A well constructed story, choreographed movements
-The humour used puts them on your side
-Deep down inside they know – breaking the ice with the humour – creating rappor t
-Needs someone to buy first then everyone else will start buying
-No one wants to be f irst
Steve - He can stand there show exactly how product works, smoothly f luently calmly excitedly
in complete control in everything going on and everyt hing is perfect and have it come across to
the people exactly the way he wants it to, without any nervousness whatsoever to tell em what to
do and they will do it(want them to buy that wax or any product selling on cue)
-Entrepreneurs level of education has very little to do with success
-More education less to take risks
-Little education
-Personal charisma
-Pitchmen – face to face
-Emotions - manipulation
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