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Ann Mullen

University of Toronto at Scarborough Department of Social Sciences, Division of Sociology The Logic of Social Inquiry SOCB05, Summer 2011 Professor A. Mullen Thursdays, 2 4 p.m. Pre-requisite: SOCA01Y How to Reach Me: Office: B542, 287-7308 (number soon to be changed, stay tuned) Office Hours: Wednesdays and Thursdays, 11 - 12, or by appointment E-mail: [email protected] (I respond to e-mail within 48 hours, except on weekends) E-mail is excellent for getting quick questions answered or to let me know about a problem. However, because I get dozens of e-mails daily I will not be able to answer lengthy questions, provide in-depth feedback, or engage in discussions over e-mail. For those purposes, come see me in office hours or speak to me right after class. Required Text: Babbie, Earl and Lucia Benaquisto. 2010. Fundamentals of Social Research, Second Canadian Edition. Scarborough: Thomson Nelson. The text is available in the bookstore and on two hour reserve at the library. It is also available as a digital option at about half the price of the hard copy at: https:www.nelsonbrain.comshopenCAstorefrontcanada? cmd=CLHeaderSearch&fieldValue=9780176414542&targetURL=http%3A%2F %3Fkeyfor%3Dallsite%26keyword_isbn%3D9780176414542 Questions about the first edition: the 2nd edition is not too different from the first one but some of the chapter numbers have changed so youll need to compare the two editions to make sure you are reading the right chapter. Also, there are new sections on ethics and experiments. Again, you would need to compare the two editions to make sure you get all the materials for those two sections. So, you could use the old edition but it will require you to do some 1
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